Hello everybody,

im a beginner in streaming world and reading the docs i get completly lost because of the vocabulary. I try to find the answer to the following question :

I would like to set up an app for educational purpose, the main idea is to have a liveroom with 2 users streaming webcam and microphone at the same time, and a live chat in this room.

First question, i dont get the difference between a streaming engine and a media server, which one do i need ?

Then, what i've understood from that is i need 2 servers : the python django and the wowza server.

The problem is that in wowza tutorials, i haven't found how to integrate the html div in my website, i mean the HTTP server and the wowza server are packed together, do you know where can which code and ressources should i have to integrate in my html page to :
- start the stream from the website then send it to ip/port wowza media server ?
- get the stream from ip/port wowza server and deliver to my http server.

Other question, I've heard people talking about tornado, but i dont get the purpose of using this, isnt my django server already supporting asynchronous connections ?

Hope you could help me, i'm completly lost and cannot have a view of the complete architecture of my needs.

Thanks a lot.