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Thread: mediacache not revalidating source material

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    Default mediacache not revalidating source material

    Hi, I am having an issue with the mediacache serving up stale data.
    The mediacache does not appear to revalidate source files ever, so changes to source files never take effect.

    Of particular nuisance is the caching of "file not found".
    If someone tries to play a file before, say, an FTP upload was quite finished, the mediacache responds "stream not found" forever, never seeming to check again for the source file.

    I see there is a way to add a java function to manually purge individual assets from the cache but that is not a practical way to handle things.
    Files in the sources can be modified or appear via several routes, FTP, wowza live stream recordings, NFS... I can't really monitor all the possible ways a file might get changed and send mediacache purge commands to all the edge servers, it would be unreliable and unwieldy.

    Have I missed a setting somewhere to get the mediacache to send an HTTP HEAD request or something to revalidate sources the way most HTTP proxy/caches do?

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    actually, I may have been mistaken about the "stream not found" caching.

    However, the main issue of updated or deleted sources files not being revalidated by the mediacache is definitely causing a problem.

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