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Thread: Publish('Append') with Load Balancers

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    Default Publish('Append') with Load Balancers


    I have an EC2 Load Balancer sitting in from of my Wowza EC2 servers.

    When the user is recording, if the connection is dropped, the Flash component reconnects to the Load Balancer and then runs netstream.publish("myStream","append");

    This works, unless the Load Balancer routes my new connection to another Wowza EC2 server. Evidently, this Wowza server doesn’t have the recording file to append to.

    What’s the best way to fix this issue?

    Thank you

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    Maybe you could have a shared storage so that each server records to the same location and thus the file is available to all servers, not just the one that recorded it. You could use S3 for this, or whatever suits your needs.

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