i have a server with 4 1gig ports set for Dynamic Link Aggregation: Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)
the server is a dual e52630s 32 gb ddr4 ran woza is ser 2 auti tune lastest version on win2008r2 wirh i350 nic cards lastest drivers host swifway says ports are working and windows says it connected at 4gigbit nut wowza seems unable 2 pass more then 1gig of syream woza support says wowza is setup correct and cpu and ram useage look very good even with a heavu load test of 7300 user cpu anf tam at no more thn 40% and can rdp to the server clients do not drop just wowza doesn't 2 pass the bandwith anyone our doing this what are your nic setting switch modes etc what data ratea are u getting
thanks jimmy