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Thread: Convert onTextData events in a live stream to timed events (ID3 tags) in an Apple HLS

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    Default Convert onTextData events in a live stream to timed events (ID3 tags) in an Apple HLS

    If I can figure out how to do this, I'll be switching from Flash Media Server to Wowza. I'm following the instructions here:

    Those instructions tell me two things must be done:

    1. Inject AMF data events into your live stream
    2. Listen for those data events in the stream. When you find them, convert them into ID3 tags.

    I see in the instructions referenced above that #2 requires writing and adding a server side module to my live streaming app. It assumes that #1 has already been done. But what about #1? Where does the code that does the original AMF event injection go? In the same module as #2? A separate module? In the Flash based broadcasting software I'm using?

    I'll take a shot here at what I think should happen. Could someone correct my picture as needed?

    Encode an RTMP video feed and send it to Wowza. Develop two java server modules in the Wowza IDE: 1. AMF data injection (basically find myStream and add AMF event data) 2. Listen for AMF event data and where found, convert to ID3 tags. Add these two modules to my live streaming app through the Wowza console on the applications tab. Develop a Flash based app that asks module 1 to inject AMF data. Develop a video player that handles resultant ID3 tags on the viewing end.

    Hmmm... I do see there is another discussion area - Server-side Modules and Code Samples - that would probably be a more appropriate place for this question. Wonder if I can move it somehow...
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