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Thread: RTMPT Stream stop in Player does not shutdown RTSP Input Stream from Camera

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    Default RTMPT Stream stop in Player does not shutdown RTSP Input Stream from Camera


    I have the following Setup:
    IP-CAM RTSP Stream to Wowza Server => Stream only RTMPT to Flashplayer.
    I like to have only a connection to IPCam if Player is connected to Wowza Server. Therefore I use the Wowza Application with Configuration:
    <Streams><StreamType>rtp-live</StreamType></Streams>> has RTSP Link included.

    Works perfect with Flash Player and RTMP Protokoll. But I must use RTMPT (because i need to use tunnelung via HTTP Proxy).

    My setup works with RTMPT too, but when I stop the Videoplayer the Stream to the IPCam is not shutdown! I will shutdown after a timeout period.

    - Where can I change the Timeoutperiod?
    - How can I have the Wowzaserver behave the same fo RTMPT as for RTMP-Stream and shutdown the RTSP Link as soon as client disconnects?

    Logging while using RTMPT=>
    INFO session comment 1793706859 client connectionClosed [1793706859] watchdog
    INFO server comment - MediaStreamMediaCasterPlay: close

    Logging while using RTMP =>
    INFO server comment - MediaStreamMediaCasterPlay: close
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    I found an answer within this thread. Thanks

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    Thanks for the update and glad you got this sorted.



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