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Thread: Live to VOD Stream to Separate Directories

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    Default Live to VOD Stream to Separate Directories

    I'm a newbie to this, however, for each client, I wanted their recorded live streams to go to their own directories. After that, I would like to upload the directory to wordpress and not have to include individual names of each recorded MP4. I want them to appear as an option to view once the stream is done recording. I'm also using the premium version of JW Player. How can I achieve this function as it is the ONLY thing holding me up?

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    Each Wowza application can have a single storage directory, so you would need to have an application for each client with a specified storage location. However, it may be worth mentioning, you can have many sub-directories in an application storage directory. This may be the solution you are looking for.

    If you find you need further assistance with this set up, I suggest you post a request to the find a consultant forum.



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    From my reading, it's best practice to go with sub-directories. Can someone point me in the right direction, so I can store recorded streams in directories based on stream names?

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    The recorded files of a live stream will be written to the application's storage directory location. You cannot specify the storage location for the recording by using it in the stream name parameter of your live stream.

    You can specify a storage location for your live recordings, by using the Live Stream Record module.
    Here is the direct link to the web user interface section of the Live Stream Record module forum article, where you can also specify the desired recording path.

    You can also develop a custom Wowza module that would control how and where your live streams are being recorded.
    Please take a look at the Recording live streams programmatically section of the article.

    Lastly, you can use this module to move the files after the recording is complete:
    How to move recordings from live streams (ModuleMediaWriterFileMover)



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    I understand the method of creating a different application for each client, but how do you create subfolders for each client using the same application such as live? Example Customer1,2,3:



    Using JW Player as the player, how can I create a playlist from a vod directory that feeds to jwplayer without me having to name each individual file name? Is there a way to automate or ingest a content directory to a player? Hope that makes sense.

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