My application needs to record video and I added logic to my swf to try reconnect to Wowza when the connection is dropped.

I am basically following these steps:

1. Create a connection to Wowza.
2. Create a netStream (recording part 1)

Let's say that the connection is dropped. In this case, what I do is:
1. Close the current netStream.
2. Try to reconnect.
3. When the application is able to reconnect, I create a new netStream and call netStream.publish(sameName, "append"). (recording part 2)
4. The user can continue recording.

This works fine. But let's say that the connection is dropped again, then I follow the same previous steps and the user can continue recording (recording part 3).

The issue is that sometimes Wowza appends the parts in the wrong order (e.g. recording part 1 + recording part 3 + recording part 2)

Is there a way to tell Wowza the order of these parts?