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Thread: Microsoft PlayReady DRM

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    Default Microsoft PlayReady DRM

    I have build a custom app(Android platform) that live streams my mic and camera to a wowza server. I want to extend the Microsoft PlayReady SDK (for securing the content),but I am a little bit confused about how to do it.

    Far as I read here (see link below),I only need to follow the steps indicated there,and that is it. Or this tutorial works only with GoCoder?

    After I read the PlayReady documentation,I found out that I also need to implement some code in my app(but it doesn't mention for which server I stream,or something else.Just how to implement their SDK). My app functionality is similar to GoCoders. It streams the media using an rtsp connection,and the video is a H.264 format.

    My question is what is the proper way to implement the PlayReady SDK and make it work with my app and the wowza servers (I mean crypting/securing my videos)?

    Thank you,


    P.S. My app is not public yet.

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    The tutorial you posted should apply to more than just GoCoder. However I cannot say for sure it will include all the details needed to get PlayReady set up in your App.

    I would suggest that you follow the instructions in that article to see how that works.

    I would see if that works or if you run into any issues. Let us know details about what you find out. Depending on what you see you might need to contact the app SDK provider and see if they have further instructions.

    Do reply here with any questions or further comments.


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