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Thread: AMI Not eligible for AWS Free Tier?

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    Question AMI Not eligible for AWS Free Tier?


    I just got my developper/trial license to test Wowza and was planning on running on a micro instance on AWS and use the free tier to test and develop our solution and then move it to a bigger instance when ready to go live.

    I was about to hit the launch button when I saw this notice:
    Your instance configuration is not eligible for the free usage tierx
    To launch an instance that's eligible for the free usage tier, check your AMI selection, instance type, configuration options, or storage devices. Learn more about free usage tier eligibility and usage restrictions.

    Any idea if it's possible at all to test Wowza on free tier?


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    Hi Mart,

    If you are using the pre-built Wowza AMI, unfortunately, there is no available micro-tier instance. You can opt instead to spin up a micro-tier instance using a generic Linux-based AMI, and download and install Wowza Streaming Engine software on this instance.


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