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Thread: Wowza Repeater and resolvePlayAlias

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    Default Wowza Repeater and resolvePlayAlias

    Hi everyone,

    is it possible to configure a Wowza server as Repeater that talks to a Wowza Origin, but in the Wowza Repeater we want to implement a Module that override the resolvePlayAlias() method to modify the stream name on each Live request (rtsp or http) ?

    Thank you,


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    Hi Nicolas,

    To clarify, you want an origin-edge infrastructure, and have the edge server handle all playback requests from the clients using a custom play aliasing module? If so, this should be possible by adding the StreamNameAlias module on the edge server. The origin-edge functionality should be independent of this module.

    For example:

    Origin server is streaming originStream --> repeated as incoming originStream in Edge servers --> aliased as myStream for playback clients


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