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    Default Live Stream from dynamic files

    Hi forum members,

    we are very new to wowza and pretty overwhelmed from that many opportunities. I need a few hints that will point me in the right direction.

    What we want to do:

    - Create an interface with php were registered users can upload their videos (no problem with that)
    - Users can schedule their videos (like an "offline webinar" service)
    - The viewers can view the videos as a live stream from a front end page (or even better the website from our user), only that one scheduled time

    I read a lot about "Schedule video playlists" and "play VOD file as a live stream but donīt know exactly where to start. Im having problems in my mind like "what if two users schedule at the same time".

    Thanks for some hints


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    I suspect you're referring to the ServerListenerStreamPublisher? This essentially streams static video files as though they are live. So from a client perspective the stream looks live, and from a Wowza perspective can have live transformations applied such as the Transcoder. The scheduling is controlled at the server side per defined stream. Any number of clients would see the same stream at the same time as it is "live".


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