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Thread: multiple GPU utilization

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    Default multiple GPU utilization


    Is it possible to have multiple GPU's in one physical server, where all of the GPU's would be utilized by Wowza streaming engine? for example:
    - having a seperated wowza streaming engine instance for each GPU
    - having one wozwa streaming engine instance which uses all of the GPU's (in a load balancing kid of way) ?

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    You can certainly have multiple GPU cards, and the limit will depend on your hardware, OS, and drivers.
    But it's possible to specify that different transcodes use different card's GPUs to spread the load.
    There isn't really any load balancing as such though. The default is to just use the next available card.

    having a separated Wowza Streaming Engine instance for each GPU would be difficult as each instance would still
    see all the available hardware. The way to go would be to use a Virtual machine for each instance and then assign
    each VM their own GPUs


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