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    after buying a license and another perpetual license i somehow regret choosing wowza because the support is really "bad" so far
    first i not even got a license key without asking and waiting for 2 days - it was also not in my spam folder... the same with the license i bought a year ago.

    is there a refund option? i would appreciate this actually.

    also this forum here does not seem to be that helpful. a post about my problem (which is i guess common) does not even receive a touch of an answer yet. i mean paying 2.5k for a license without support or "just" waiting in a forum for a reply sux.

    the website is btw telling me:
    Sorry, your account is not entitled to technical support for Wowza Streaming Cloud. You must have an active subscription or trial of Wowza Streaming Cloud in order to receive technical support. Learn more about Wowza Streaming Cloud.
    If you just purchased a Wowza Streaming Cloud subscription, try signing out of your account and then sign back in after 10 minutes.
    If you believe this is in error, email us at and include "Cannot submit ticket" in the subject line.

    So if anybody here considering buying wowza lincenses - be warned - because if you need support - nothing here is really quick. i expect this to be way more professional in such price categories

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    Hello Thomas,

    Our apologies for your negative perception of our service, I see that you have multiple tickets currently open with our Billing and Support Teams who are currently working to sort out your reported issues. This is the preferred method to receive direct support from Wowza on any billing or technical issues. Furthermore someone from our account management team will be in touch with you today to review your current licenses and address any questions you may have about the support that is included with them. In the interim I've included some informational links to provide more information Wowza's maintenance and support.

    Wowza Streaming Engine Support Overview
    Wowza Streaming Engine Support Page

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