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Thread: Push Publishing to Account

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    Default Push Publishing to Account

    Is it possible to push a stream from the Engine to a account?
    Would be great to have that option in the Stream Targets where you can login to livestream account, select the event to push the stream to and start once the stream begins.

    Since there is no option in the livestream account to get the RTMP of the server, login to the account is needed to publish.
    Probably an easy addon for the wowza team to create and add to the engine.

    Does anyone get any other option to make this work?


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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    You can use PushPublishing to send live streams to destinations such as content delivery networks (CDNs) and services over a variety of protocols:
    How to use CDNs and services to distribute live streams (push publishing)

    And tis guide provides sample map entries for multiple destinations, including
    Sample map file entries for Stream Target destinations (push publishing)



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    hello Salvadore

    picking up an old thread.
    Your answer is valid for the Old Livestream platform not for the new one (they have two systems running in parallel).
    Interested in having this feature implemented.
    In the new platform, no rtmp ingest address is given; authentication to the livestream account is done and the relevant data for streaming is exchanged in a hidden manner (probably crypted).

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    Hi, I responded to your other related thread here.

    Again, thanks for the suggestion.



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