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Thread: GoCoder iOS/iPAD: update to version 1.52, now audio and video is not in sync ?

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    Unhappy GoCoder iOS/iPAD: update to version 1.52, now audio and video is not in sync ?

    After updating the GoCoder iOS App on all of our Apple iPAD-2 from version 1.51 to 1.52 the audio and video content is now always *out of sync* (live and in recorded streams/files)?

    Mobile recording not possible anymore, happens using any reasolution and any bitrate: video content is always faster than the audio

    Unfortunately there is no way back to downgrade from 1.52 to 1.51 in the AppStore.

    We are using the Wowza Streaming Engine 4.3.0 ( and all IPAD-2 are running iOS 9.1.

    ** Ist there any help in sight ?
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    How far out is the lip-sync? Is it very subtle or very obvious. How far out in terms of time?


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