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Thread: Can we store data in our server and point to Wowsa server in another hosting platform

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    Default Can we store data in our server and point to Wowsa server in another hosting platform


    I am very new to Wowza media server .I have a custom chat in our site.Now i plan to add video/Audio streaming with the help of Wowza.
    For that i want to know,whether we can store customer data in our server and point to Wowsa media server in another hosting platform?
    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Linto,

    Can you clarify on what kind of data you plan on storing in your (non-Wowza) server? If you plan on hosting the player and webcam capture applications on a different server, then you can absolutely do this. Your application would only need to be able to load the stream from your Wowza server (for playback), or push the stream to the Wowza server (for capture/ingest). You can look into the live video chat application that comes installed as an example with Wowza to see how to have it point to a remote Wowza server.



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