I'm working on webinar project which need screen sharing feature. We noticed that screen video stream works not well.

- latest Wowza 4.3.0 on Ubuntu 14.10 and good hardware;
- JUV RTMP java lib is used as publisher;
- Screen Video 2 codec without audio;
- Resolution 1920x1080 or 3840x2160;
- 5 fps and keyframe each 40 frame;
- stream upload bandwidth is 60 KBytes/sec minimal and 250-600 KBytes/sec on screen changes / keyframe.

Problem symptoms:
- stream has huge start time. More than 10 seconds to receive image back to publisher;
- stream used to increase lag (live delay) during working for several minutes. I measuring by enabling audio in separate stream and receiving both in other flash client;
- stream upload bandwidth sometimes looks limited but value varies 110...250 KBytes/sec when connected to wowza;

I found that my app works well with FMS /live application. While wowza /live application has described issues. FMS returns stream back almost immediately. They both installed on the same server. Wowza with license and FMS is trial.

Could you recommend which settings I should use to have Wowza to work similar to FMS?
Or do you have an idea what could went wrong with my app?