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Thread: Live audio streaming to multiple sources to multiple targets

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    Default Live audio streaming to multiple sources to multiple targets

    I'm working on a project where I have multiple sources who would be streaming live audio to multiple recipients.

    What I want to do is?
    1. Publish audio from a client to the server.
    2. The published audio should be streamed down to the receiving client.

    Is there additional components I would have to write using the Wowza API or is this something which is available out of the box? I am experienced in java development, so I should be able to handle this task myself.


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    The workflow you have described is available with a regular Wowza Streaming Engine installation.
    You will need to publish the audio stream to your Wowza live application, using an encoder, and then play back that stream using a player running on the receiving client side.
    For a simple setup, you can take a look at the "How to set up live streaming using an RTMP-based encoder" forum article for a more detailed explanation.


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