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Thread: Configure MediaCaster on-demand timeout

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    Default Configure MediaCaster on-demand timeout

    Reading the user guide section on MediaCaster:

    This system works on demand—when the first request is received from a player for a given stream, a connection is made to the source stream and the stream is then made available to the player. When the last player stops watching the stream, the MediaCaster system waits for a timeout period. If no other players request the stream, the stream is stopped and isn't available for streaming until another request is made.
    Is it possible to configure this timeout period? From my testing, it seems to stop streaming from the source after only a few seconds. I would like to extend it to a larger timeout interval.

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    It sounds like you are using a StreamType of "rtp-live"? You can use StreamType "live" then start the stream with MediaCaster system (stream files page in Manager) to lock the stream open, not dependent on player connections.

    Application.xml /StreamValidator section has the settings for MediaCaster streams, including timeout.
    That probably also affects the player initiated connection, but not positive. best thing is to use streamType live and MediaCaster system to start streams.



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