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Thread: Dash player always show XML5602 error in IE

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    Question Dash player always show XML5602 error in IE

    Dear sir ,

    my Wowza version is build16210

    I use dash.js base player on Win8.1/IE11 but sometimes it crash my IE browser

    I am not sure is it relate to the follow error ? please help

    This is my dash url

    Validator page :

    Start Schematron validation

    <svrl:failed-assert test="if (@type=’dynamic’ and not(@id)) then false() else true()"
    location="/*[local-name()='MPD' and namespace-uri()='urn:mpeg:dash:schema:mpd:2011']">
    <svrl:text>If the MPD type is dynamic, the id shall be present </svrl:text>
    Schematron validation not successful – DASH is not valid!

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    It seems like it could be an issue with the live stream itself. How are you creating the stream?
    Does it work ok for you in the Chrome browser? Using the chrome browser I only get audio and no video.
    Does the live stream have video?


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