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Thread: How to upload video on Wowza server is their any web interface????

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    Default How to upload video on Wowza server is their any web interface????


    I am new to wowza, I have a web application which contain lots of video now i am facing the problem of streaming. I heard about wowza is good for streaming so following are the my questions(VOD)
    1) How to upload video from my local machine to Wowza server is their any web interface???
    2) How can i get the url like ( http://[wowza-ip-address]:1935/vod/m.../playlist.m3u8) for uploaded video


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    There's not currently a web interface available for uploading content. You can use sftp or Windows File Sharing / Samba with your server to transfer files. Alternatively, if you have a server that contains this content, you could change the storage location to point to a shared directory on this server.

    The playback URL will be http://[Server IP]:1935/vod/mp4:[mp4 Filename]/playlist.m3u8.

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