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Thread: Upload Media Cache or VOD from other sources to s3

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    Default Upload Media Cache or VOD from other sources to s3


    We are trying to upload videos that are streamed through media cache to S3. Basically we have several remote servers that store mp4 files and we can retrieve them via http. We have MediaCache set up so that we can access any of those remote servers and view the videos. The problem that we are trying to solve is once the videos are streamed thorugh media cache is there a way to record the file that was streamed and then uploaded to s3?.

    We are doing that with live streams, once the streaming is done we have a module that uploads the file to s3. We want to do the same with files that are cached?.

    Note: We don't want to loose the playback capability that mediacache offers which is something that we cant do in wowza with rtsp streams.

    Is this possible?

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    I dontt fully understand the workflow you are trying to implement. The media cache files are stored locally on your Wowza server so that the content will be delivered faster to the playback client. For this, you need a fast disk I/O and the best it would be to have them stored on a local disk.
    The way Media Cache works, whenever a particular content file is requested for playback, it will connect to the S3 bucket, fetch that particular media file and store it locally, then deliver that content to the requesting client.
    If you are using Media Cache for your VOD application, then all the stream protocols delivered by your application should work, including RTSP playback.


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