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Thread: VOD Website Embedding Security Question

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    Default VOD Website Embedding Security Question

    Hi -
    I've dug into this in quite a few places but haven't quite found a solution, though I may not be understanding correctly.

    I want to ensure that videos we host in a Wowza VOD application are only accessible to be played if accessed via a specific website. The app hosts proprietary videos and we need to ensure that only authorized users are accessing it (anyone logged into the client website). The Wowza server hosts various applications for various client sites/etc., so we have it hosted on a separate server than the client website. What I'd like to do is set something up similar to how Vimeo enables a user to set a domain as the only way to access one of their videos. Are there any plugins or other options to enable something like this? Alternatively, is there a plugin or tutorial on how to dynamically send each user's IP address to wowza and add it dynamically to the 'approved IP address' list in the app settings? I'm not a Java guy so I'd prefer an option that isn't too Java-code intensive.


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    As a follow up to my initial question - is anyone familiar with Wrench that can vouch for it's quality/stability/etc.?

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    You can't guarantee your video's privacy if they are available publicly. Really the best way is to enclose everything behind a login and
    implement encryption through DRM or similar. A login would keep key distribution private.


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