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Thread: Andorid GoCoder and ModuleSecureURLParams

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    Default Android GoCoder and ModuleSecureURLParams

    Is the Android GoCoder compatible with ModuleSecureURLParams? We require a "doPublish=abc123" as part of using the ModuleSecureURLParams, however it seems that the Android GoCoder is not working with this enabled (it just flashes "Connecting" on the screen over and over again and this type of data is the logs, "ModuleSecureURLParams.releaseStream: Rejected").

    The Android GoCoder works well with the ModuleSecureURLParams disabled. Are there any settings we can do to have the Android GoCoder work with the ModuleSecureURLParams enabled?

    Thanks =),

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    The Android GoCoder only works with Adobe RTMP type of authentication.


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    Hi Daren,

    Is the GoCoder compatible with this module below?

    How to do file-based authentication with RTMP client and credentials in querystring of the RTMP URL (ModuleOnConnectAuthenticate2)

    Thanks =),


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    Hi again,

    Basically, to summarize the main part of my question, is there a configuration option in a single application where we can provide the RTMP authentication by either using a username/password field (i.e. like in the GoCoder), and also by providing the RTMP authentication in the connection URL where streaming software does not have username/password options (i.e. similar to using the SecureURLParams option)?

    Thanks again =),


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    A quick update. It seems like we were able to get it working with the authorization credentials in the connection URL in the GoCoder (in the "Application" field), and then simply leaving the username and password fields blank. Looks like all is working ok =).


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    Thanks for the update and glad you got this sorted.


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