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Thread: Send Streams to TV using OTT

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    Default Send Streams to TV using OTT

    Hi Everyone,

    I have one question regarding sending stream to TV by using OTT using wowza.

    I need to send multiple streams running at same time to TV station with using one link
    Basically question is that, I have multiple streams with different name and when i need to send to TV it convert to one unique name on run-time.

    "TV and radio broadcasting
    An adventage of live and vod streaming in wowza make the use of IPTV or OTT, IPtv or interent protocol TV can be setup with wowza,where the videos are streamed to a tv via a connected STB(Set Top box)
    where the channel content are streamed to the STB through wowza, whereas in OTT the top is a setup where the channels are available one end user devices like Mobiles,Laptops,PCs,Tablets over the network,rateher then the use of a STB."

    How we can implement
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    To understand your workflow, you would like to have a single playback URL/stream name, but the stream content varies depending on a schedule? This would be similar to having a single TV channel, but the programs vary?

    If so, you can implement a Stream Publisher class that goes through a playlist of content (whether VOD or live) and serves this content into a single packetized stream name as the output.


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