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Thread: is it possible to identify how a live stream is unpublished?

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    Default is it possible to identify how a live stream is unpublished?

    Hello guys,

    In order to handle the unpublish event for a live stream i created a class that implements the IMediaStreamActionNotify2 interface and override the onUnPublish method.

    This method is called in many scenarios one of them is when a user click on "stop" broadcaster (i.e FMLE) button, another case is when a machine used to send stream just lost connection to network, i see the wowza logs and it shows something like:

    "INFO session comment 953574090 client connectionClosed [953574090] pingtimeout"

    So, my question is, can we programatically identify when the stream is unpublished on any of these scenarios? when user click on stop button or when there are network problems.

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    There is no way really, that I know of, to distinguish what exactly happened before that onUnPublish event fires.

    If I misunderstood your question I apologize.



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