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Thread: HLS Secure Token v2 playing on android

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    Default HLS Secure Token v2 playing on android


    I am trying to implement Secure Token v2 Playback Security on HLS.
    The Secure token is working Ok on Flash player, the hash is calculated correctly but
    when I try to play the stream over android default browser I always get the error
    html5: Video file not found.

    If I turn off Playback security (Secure token) the stream plays normally.

    Using flash player (RTMP) everyhing is working OK.

    I have tried with flowplayer but it's not working

    Any suggestions what to do?

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    Have you tried specifying the JWPlayer option androidhls: "true"? as an example,

    <script type="text/javascript">
           file: "<?php echo $playbackURL; ?>",
           androidhls: "true"

    I found that this was required for my own secure token v2 test bed when playing back on Android devices.


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