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Thread: How to do live streaming using VLC

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    Default How to do live streaming using VLC


    I want to live stream a H.264 codec file using VLC player and facing problem with the same.

    I am collecting the H.264 RTP packets on a eth port. The packets are coming as desired (verified using wireshark)

    Now I open VLC application and follow below steps.
    1. Go to Tools->Preferences->Input/Codecs. Enable RTP over RTSP (TCP)
    2. Go to Media->Open Network Stream and enter below information in Network URL
    3. rtp://

    Please note 5004 is the port number.

    But cannot see anything in VLC player nor the VLC player is throwing any error. I am using VLC version 2.2.1

    Can you please let me know if i have followed the correct steps?


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    Hello there.

    Have you reviewed this guide:
    How to use VLC as a live stream encoder with Wowza Streaming Engine (MPEG-TS)



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    I hope this would help you since it works for me. I have seen this instruction online.

    Configure a network between the HMP and the PC running VLC & Elementi.
    Other devices present on the network may affect stream performance; always test with an isolated network first.
    Open VLC and from the "Media" menu, choose the "Stream..." option. (see the image on the left)
    In the "Open Media" dialog that opens, select the file you want to stream.
    It can be a video file from your PC or from the network, a disc or the output of a capture device.
    To add a file from your PC, select the "File" tab, press on "Add..." button, browse to your file, select it and then press "Open". This will add the selected file under the "File Selection" zone. (see the image on the left)
    Press on the "Stream" button. The "Stream Output" wizard dialog will open.
    Press on the "Next" button to go to the "Destination Setup" area.
    Select the destination(s) for your stream from RTSP, RTP or UDP and then press the "Add" button.
    Configure the details for the chosen streaming protocol.
    For the multicast streaming, the address used is usually from the range of local administrative multicast IP addresses (e.g. 239.x.x.x); but you can configure a different multicast address if needed.
    Press the "Next" button to go "Transcoding Options" area.
    If your source file is within the HMP video specifications and thus not needing transcoding, then disable the "Activate Transcoding" option. Otherwise, select a profile for transcoding that is compatible with the chosen streaming protocol and eventually make the necessary adjustments on the profile defaults. (Some examples can be found below.)
    Press the "Next" button and then the "Stream" button.
    Open Elementi, insert the streaming media source in your project and set its URI according to the chosen streaming protocol. Verify that the stream plays in Elementi.
    Publish your project on your HMP.

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