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Thread: Transmission stopped at X time

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    Unhappy Transmission stopped at X time

    I'm trying to send the beam through my server on amazon (with sistma wowza already pre-configured) but my transmission is always interrupted when executed after 10 seconds if I restart the transmission she returned to work.

    I see through the transmission of an application for smart TV that I developed.

    This "cut" in transmission is a setting? (my instance on amazon is the t2.small)

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    It is hard to tell from the description but this could be a connection problem to the source.
    The [install-dir]/log/wowza_access.log may have some relevant messages, you can share the entries here
    that show your live stream connecting and disconnecting.
    I also see that you are using a t2.small instance size that might be too small for live streaming.


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