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Thread: Wowza HLS 128 bit encryption with Android html5 not working

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    Default Wowza HLS 128 bit encryption with Android html5 not working

    Hi There,

    We have a application in wowza 4 which has AES 128 bit encryption built in and we use this wowza app to stream on different devices using jwplayer 7/html 5.
    It has been working fine on all devices except android. Our implementation is customized wherein we generate on the fly smil files and use MediaStreamFileMapperBase to map stream dynamically.
    In short our base streaming url always remains same only thing which changes is a encrypted querystring which we use to identify streams.

    From further debugging it seems that android expects the smil file to be immediately created and does not wait for full flow.

    I am using this method to actually decrypt querystring and create dynamic smile file.


    Any insight into how can we fix it would be helpfull? is there a way we can hold off the response from wowza till smil gets created. For some reason wowza responds too fast.

    Kunal Kaushik

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    Hi Kunal,

    We have also received this as a ticket on our system so shall keep you all updated via that channel.


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