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Thread: Google Compute Cloud - Network capacity?

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    Question Google Compute Cloud - Network capacity?

    Hi Everyone

    Google doesn't seem to really give any detail on network performance metrics..

    Which leads to the big question - How many users you can push onto one Wowza load balanced VM.

    Has anyone used the big VM's on google cloud - e.g the n1-highmem-32 ( 32 CPU, 208GB Ram ) instances? If so, what kind of bandwidth limits are imposed?

    Any experiences with the Google cloud and bandwidth performance metrics would be much appreciated.


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    If you're concerned about hitting a bandwidth limitation on Google Cloud Platform, you may want to consider using a Content Distribution Network (CDN) to distribute your streams instead. You can use a Google Cloud Platform instance to push stream to a CDN and therefore limit the resources needed on the GCP platform. For more information on the CDN networks, please see the following article:

    Stream Live to CDN's

    Best regards,

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