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Thread: How many Stream Targets are possible?

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    Default How many Stream Targets are possible?


    how many generic RTMP Stream Targets are possible in Streaming Engine?
    And how many other Stream Targets I can add additionally to the generic ones?
    And what does the "Adaptive Streaming" option in advanced tab of a Streaming Target do technically with the outgoing streams?

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    Edit: Sorry, I put that thread in the wrong forum. It's a Streaming Engine related question.
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    The number of Stream Targets is restricted by your network bandwidth. Otherwise, there is not a limit on the number of stream targets.

    Regarding the Adaptive Streaming property, if you're sending an adaptive bitrate stream to the destination, setting this value to true automatically sets the Send Original Timecodes value (to true) and the Original Timecode Threshold value (to 0x100000) for adaptive bitrate streaming. This helps keep your adaptive bitrate stream in sync.

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