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Thread: Input Muxing for YouTube Stream Target

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    Default Input Muxing for YouTube Stream Target

    I'm using the latest licensed Wowza Streaming Engine. We bring into Wowza a handful of live streams from IP cameras using RTSP pull from the Stream Manager UI. Currently, we transcode each of these streams to watermark and re-rate them, then push each watermarked stream using 'stream targets' to YouTube LIVE streams in our YouTube channel. So for N camera input streams, we have N YouTube LIVE streams.

    What I would like to do is cut down to just one YouTube stream target that simply rotates source through a list of current live streams available in the 'live' application. So think of it as an N to 1 mux, where N is some number of IP camera streams, and each one gets some amount of time in round robin fashion selected as input to the YouTube LIVE stream target. The switch of the source would happen on a key frame like every X seconds (where X is some parameter in the application XML.) The ultimate would be the ability to use the new REST API to switch the input stream selection on demand from some external web app.

    Does Wowza have any module to do this or something close to it? If not, is this even feasible for Wowza to add in a future release? I think this is a very useful feature for many use cases. You can get your viewers to focus on one channel and rotate through the available live content instead of having them overwhelmed with too many stream selection choices at the end point.


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    Hi Brian,

    You can look into using a Stream class to switch between the different incoming streams as a playlist, and output only a single stream to your YouTube Channel. You can also tweak this class by using the ModuleStreamControl.


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