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    we trying to stream live using Wirecast "strict CBR" option, but on monitoring the resulting HLS stream in VLC and it showed the bitrate going up and down with time which indicates VBR!

    We want to have a CBR streaming, is that possible?


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    I can confirm that using the "strict" setting in Wirecast 6.5, that the actual bit rate is not constant. But I do not think there is anything that can be done on the Wowza side to correct this.

    Perhaps someone from support can offer some insight into this.



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    Do you mean Wirecast support?


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    I meant maybe someone from Wowza support can comment on this, but you might consider speaking with Wirecast as well.

    The bitrate is something that's controlled at the encoder side so the best bet would be to send the stream to the Wowza Transcoder, and re-encoding the live stream.



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    Please take a look at this forum post for more information.

    You will have to edit the transcoding template with a text editor as it can't be done with the Manager.


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