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Thread: DVR random replays

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    Unhappy DVR random replays

    Hi. I started this thread to get help from all of you. I try to tune my wowza server to work. I've made a lot of experiments but can't determine the reason of nDVR replays. It's not because of bandwidth, it's not because of total amount of connections. The problem is when i watch live + DVR (didn't try with VOD) source i face with sudden replays during the playback. I can't detect any linear dependence of connections or bandwidth. It can happen even if there are 15 users with 10 mbit\s. I had upload the video for you to get understand what i'm talking about. A few days ago i've made one interest discover. I watch the video with such link - live\smil:stream.smil\manifest.f4m and i can see these errors (replays). But if i open - live\stream_720p\manifest.f4m or any other transcoded stream from smil file there is no replays!! AND! I've opened that link - live\smil:stream.smil\manifest.f4m - the next day and there is no replays(i think the manifest was renewed). But if you watch it live they are happen the same time and same place. My opinion is - the manifest.f4m is corrupted. I think it recompile the stream with errors despite all the sources streams are correct. Do anyone faced the problem like this?

    Wath the video -
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    If this issue is still occurring can I ask that you please open a support ticket by following the steps found here:
    Open a support ticket


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    How is the problem going?

    Actually I've faced this problem now I think.

    When the wowza is very high load and then I get a .ts file, the file has old data which is different one that I get when the wowza isn't high load.
    So I think manifest file isn't corrupted. The video file data seems to be mixed up.

    I'm using Wowza 4.5.
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    As with the other poster if this is something that you believe points to an issue with Wowza Streaming Engine then please look at opening a support ticket. Please also include the steps needed to reproduce and we can take a closer look.



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