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Thread: Origin-Edge Problems

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    I have done every example and read every post about Origin-Edge. Even with both Origin and Edge on same server, I cannot get Edge to draw the stream from the Origin application. I have two servers sitting side by side on same VLAN, proper IPs, proper DNS entries and set-up. There's only a handful of settings on the Edge, protocols (I have all selected as per tutorial) and my Origin url set to: [wowz://] where HODchamber-pub-test is name of app on origin server and HODchamber-pub-test-edge.f4v is name of stream on Origin Server. I have tried the rtmp:// also. Nothing. I have modified the url a hundred different ways, still nothing. Can anybody give me a little help here or a clue what to try next? I am getting desperate and would gladly call someone and pay for consulting if I could find someone. I have called two of the "consultants" from the Wowza recommended list and neither one of them even called me back.

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    We would like to help you troubleshoot your problem. You can submit a support ticket by using our Support Portal . Please provide a zip of your conf/ and logs/ directories, so we can see your exact configuration and server activity. Without those details it is hard to pinpoint the error. Given your tests with origin and edge on the same server, it is likely a configuration issue. Another option is to post in the Find a Consultant Forum and consultants who have availability will respond.

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