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    Default Seeking Advice For 24 hour channel

    Hello! I'm a long time internet broadcaster fairly new to Wowza seeking some advice.

    I'm looking to create a 24/7 broadcast network with a mix of pre-recorded/scheduled content and live broadcasts. I stream live using Wirecast and I am looking to serve a Youtube channel in addition to custom Roku, Apple TV & Amazon Fire apps.

    I'd appreciate advice on which Wowza products & services would be best for me to pull this off. I'm particularly concerned with finding a robust and fairly easy to use scheduling system, thanks!
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    Hello MrMeeseeks,

    yes, you can create 24/7 brodcasts from pre-recorded/scheduled content and live streams. Please find the info about it here:

    As an alternate solution my company offers Wowza extension module PWI playlist management Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine which simplifies creation of TV channel. The module allows to schedule and stream MP4 files live without SMIL files creation and Wowza restarts to change the schedule. Simple web admin console is provided or API could be used for integration with your web site. Please e-mail me direct if you are interested.

    Best Regards,
    Alexey Ostroumov
    skype: alexeyostroumov
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