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Thread: nDVR problem (only sound,no videos)

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    Default nDVR problem (only sound,no videos)

    Say Hi from Thailand

    Wowza 4.3
    Production level

    We have run nDVR Stream running at that moment about 1month ago, In an append mode.
    It has been a great working, but we do have some problem.
    Problem is sometimes it has only sound, no videos.
    How can we solve this problem?

    Kind Regards

    Passa C.

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    There could be a few reason. Possibly A/V sync issues as nDVR is sensitive to these and if sync is too far out then chunks will be skipped.
    You could look for 'skip' messages in the logs [install-dir]/logs/wowzastreamingengine_access.log, that indicate such a problem.


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