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Thread: More control over recordings

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    Default More control over recordings

    In one of the latest versions (, there have been fixes to properly sync up the audio and video on recordings... which is all good since we have been having problems with this and hopefully this will fix it.

    But this brings up the bigger question of better control of some of the recording parameters for ILiveStreamRecorderManager & StreamRecorderParameters. Right now we can configure "startOnKeyFrame" but it would also be nice to be able to set the "keyFrame" interval and other parameters such as fps. Is this available somehow or planned? Is it a function of the stream that is already playing?

    I can probably do this myself by launching a custom FFMPEG process that grabs the stream and outputs it to a file but this sounds like something that Wowza itself would be better it.

    Also, this is my very first post and I am just immersing myself in Wowza so if I have completely missed something obvious here, let me know.


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    Hello colin, welcome to the wowza support forum.

    Wowza "mirrors" the source stream. So you will need to set the FPS on the encoder side if you can. The Wowza Transcoder can adjust the keyframe interval but the fps is fixed by the time the stream gets to Wowza.

    Something like VLC or FFMPEG may be able to be used in between the source and Wowza, for manipulating fps.



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