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Thread: Is it possible to playback stream which is under recording?

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    Default Is it possible to playback stream which is under recording?

    Hi guys!
    I have some project where I stream H.264+AAC video in flv container to Wowza Streaming Engine v4.3.0.
    My Wowza use nDVR to record each incoming stream already. But in some cases I want to start play video file (as VOD) when incoming stream isn't ended.
    I know Java little bit, but I even don't know in what direction to look. May be it is impossible using nDVR but is possible to create some Wowza Module which will resolve this problem.

    Thank you for any help.
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    Hello there and welcome to the wowza support forum.

    While recording a live stream, the recorded video file will not be available until the live stream has been stopped.



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    Ok, thank you, salvadore.

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    Hello VRomanchuk,

    My company has developed Wowza extension module - PWI Catchup Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine which allows to play record as VOD asset at the time live is being recorded. Please e-mail me direct if you are interested.

    Best Regards,
    Alexey Ostroumov
    skype: alexeyostroumov
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