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Thread: Media Cache Tuning - Bad buffering/lagging

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    Question Media Cache Tuning - Bad buffering/lagging

    Hi Everyone

    In the weekend we had a stream of 300+ people.

    However as soon as we hit 300 people buffering/lagging issues started to appear amongst 90% of users.

    I then made changes in Media Cache Tuning and the buffering dissipated and only had image lag issues after 20-30 seconds of streaming.

    Using Google Compute, on a large instance - 16 CPU's, 108GB Ram.

    The server wasn't under huge load ( only used 10% of server resources )

    What changes can I make to stop the buffering/lagging?

    I've read the documentation however doesn't seem to make much sense when i made changes that breach what the documentation specifies.


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    Could you please describe what properties you changed? Also please reply with your current <MediaCacheSource> <DefaultBlockSize>, Min/Max TTL and <ReadAhead> settings?

    Best regards,

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