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Thread: I don't understand why streaming bandwidth on wowza will not go past 600Kbps

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    Default I don't understand why streaming bandwidth on wowza will not go past 600Kbps


    We are using Helix broadcaster 300 to ingest 16 channels and using current version of Wowza Streaming Engine to output same, via RTMP streams.

    Unless I am missing something so basic, that I can't see it, I don't understand why Wowza is only accepting half the network bandwidth that is being sent to it from Helix. --- Helix Transmitting approx 4mbits. --- Wowza only seeing approx 2.5mbits

    Here is a channel from helix which shows average bandwidth setting of 800kbits.

    Here is that same channel being seen by Wowza, but at approx a little over half the bandwidth..

    Is there a solution to this problem I am not seeing? Thanks your assistance...
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    It appears that the traffic measurements on your Helix broadcaster are a total for eth0. Is more than one stream running, possibly to another destination causing the bandwidth to double? If you stop your stream does the bandwidth drop to near zero on eth0?

    Another note, the Helix broadcaster is using the 'Average Bitrate' setting, which according to it's description may allow stream traffic to vary some in bandwidth.

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