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Thread: HLS - Has default logging changed over time?

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    Default HLS - Has default logging changed over time?

    I'm looking at a project that reads streaming session information out of Wowza logs. I'm seeing something odd, and I was wondering if anyone knew the backstory:

    Right now, on Wowza 4.3.0, I can publish HLS streams and listen on my ios devices. The event logging in the access log looks more or less like it would for other types of streams... the Stream/Stop event shows up at the end of a listening session with an x-duration that gives me the total listening time. I get this type of behavior even if I use a .SMIL as my launch point for the player. This is a good thing, no complaints here.

    I picked up a couple of sample logs from the folks I'm looking at doing this project for. They've got a v4.2.0 server and a v3.5.2 server. In those logs, the HLS streams show up as fragments - usually 30 seconds each. This makes for a really verbose and pretty large log file, and makes it a little hard to filter out individual sessions since they occur over tens to hundreds of lines each.

    So my question is... I didn't do anything tricky in setting up my v4.3.0 - just followed the basic 'your first stream' type tutorials. Does anyone know if the way HLS streams log by default has changed across these versions of Wowza server?


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    Hello Tim, welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    By default Wowza is set to log the first 10 chunks or a live stream. I am pretty sure this has always been the case. There is however an option to log all chunks:
    Setting the value to -1 will disable HTTP logging completely.

    I could be that this company was logging all chunks in the past.

    30 seconds is a long time, it probably means a 30 second key frame frequency.

    The logs have changed in other ways since previous versions, usually just additional info.



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