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Thread: Push Publishing Transcoder Stream Groups

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    Default Push Publishing Transcoder Stream Groups


    I know I can use push publishing to push a stream from one Wowza instance to another. I've tested this along with Transcoder, and I'm able to push the source and all transcoded streams to a different server. Is it possible for the stream groups to also be pushed to the other instance?

    For example, say I have 2 servers, Server A and Server B, and I have Transcoder configured on Server A to generate a 360p version of a stream, and also a stream group with this stream and the source stream (myStream_360p and myStream_source) called myStream_all. I also have push publishing configured to forward myStream_360p and myStream_source to Server B. I can subscribe to both of those streams successfully on Server B, but I can only subscribe to ngrp:myStream_all on Server A. This makes sense, but I'm wondering if there's a way I can make the stream group also work on Server B?


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    Hi rhys04,

    Since you are pushing all the transcoded renditions to server B, you can create a SMIL file on server B to refer to the incoming transcoded renditions as a group. A SMIL file is functionally the same as using the ngrp URL.

    I am adding the relevant information below on creating and using SMIL files:
    The Wowza Transcoder templating system provides a method to group streams together in logical groups called Stream Name Groups for live adaptive bitrate delivery. Stream Name Groups and SMIL files serve the same purpose and either method can be used for playback of live streams.
    Alternatively, you can set up an origin/edge workflow in on-demand mode, so that all streams that are published/packetized on the origin can be pulled on the edge server (live stream repeater).


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