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Thread: Transcoder Video Settings with Trial License

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    Default Transcoder Video Settings with Trial License

    I am testing Wowza on a trial license.
    I have enabled the transcoder and it is successfully producing 4 streams of my source.
    The source aspect is 4x3, but any changes I make to the transcoder template encoding presets are ignored.
    I understand that the Wowza watermark is forced on a trial license, but am I able to do cropping and stretching in the transcoder?
    No matter what setting I use, the output always looks the same.
    Do the transcoder video frame size settings have an effect on a trial license?

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    Can you please confirm that you are playing back one of the Transcoded streams? It sounds like you are playing the source stream.

    The Transcoded stream will have the name that you gave it in one of the <Encode> blocks.

    For example, if the source was:
    Then the Transcoded stream would be something like:


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