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Thread: Azure Image - Setup Varibles (Host is now incorrect)

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    Default Azure Image - Setup Varibles (Host is now incorrect)

    We just deployed a few new Azure IaaS instances of Wowza 4.3.0 using the Marketplace image via the new portal which uses Resource Manager. When Wowza server starts it uses instance specific variables which are set at some point when the VM instance is created. One of these for example is: PLATFORM_METADATA_HOSTNAME. Which in this case will be the Azure VM instance name. Traditionally the DNS resolution for the instance would be [vm name] Which is used in the process for Wowza's startup configuration.

    The problem is Azure is now using regional hosts vs. which is throwing an error in the wowzastreamingengine_startup process (which is reflected in the same named log).

    594 [main] INFO - Installer.queryEnvironmentWindows error with DNS name: [vm name]

    In this case the host is: [vm mane]

    I'm guessing that "" might be hard coded. Is there a way to change the default host? Or for that matter change any of these VM instance specific information. We often create our own custom configured image per region and then use this for image for deployment. It would be great to know how these are vars are set/stored

    BTW: We opened a ticket on this issue as well: 155671

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    As mentioned in the ticket, this is a known issue. We are currently working on a way to update these variables automatically using the Azure platform.

    In the meantime, you may be able to correct the hostname resolution issues by adding an entry in the hosts file that points the [vm name] to the external IP address of the instance.

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