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Thread: How can we get recorders when "Record all incoming streams" is enable?

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    Default How can we get recorders when "Record all incoming streams" is enable?

    Hello guys,

    I have this doubt, when my application for streaming has this option enable i'll try to grab recorders (in order to get metadata such as duration) using this sample code:

    Map<String, IStreamRecorder> recordingMap = appInstance.getVHost().getLiveStreamRecordManager().getRecordersMap(appInstance);
    The issue is that map is empty, this is different when i start recording from "http://[my-domain]:8086/livestreamrecord/index.html" app.

    So my question is, can we only grab recorders programatically or there is a way to get recorders on stream type "live-record".

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    The live-record application type does not use 'recorders' as such so there is no programatic method to extract them. An alternative would be a custom module which records all incoming streams using the live stream record method instead.


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