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Thread: Save transoder stream

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    Default Save transoder stream

    Hi, could you help me.
    I have flash application who connect to Wowza server and published the stream. On the server configure transcoding to two stream(origine_480px & origin_720px).
    And I have some trubles.
    1.Flash connect;
    2.Publish straem;
    3.Start write _480px to file; (write 30sec)
    4.Stop write.
    5.Stop publish; (in web interface Wowza i still see transcoding streams. They disappear only after client disconnect, I wait 10 min and his not disappear)

    If I don't disconnect and start from step 2, I get mp4 and his time = time client session.... but file size = 30sec, session = 15min
    Sorry for my english
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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    To un-publish the stream, from your Flash app you can do something like this:
    I hope this helps.


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