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    We just upgraded to wowza 4, and converted all .flv's to MP4's - however is not working properly - only the audio scrubs, the video is frozen. We use flash in browsers as we live stream using FMLE, and you can't do that without flash in browsers.

    Question 1: Does anyone know if frozen video when scrubbing is an unresolvable issue with wowza/flash and MP4's?

    Question 2: If we load the html5 player, will it allow scrubbing to the right place in the video? (harder option)

    Thank you in advance,


    Alan Costello

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    Alan, try adding seekTarget Property to the Application.xml /Streams /Properties list set to "enhanced"

    <!-- valid values are: videoKeyFrame, audio, enhanced. DEFAULT = videoKeyFrame -->


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    Thanks Salvatore,

    Really appreciate the help. Our server guy just got back to me with:

    "Which application do we need to add this to? I think the recordings are all played through vod, aren’t they?"

    Can you please let us know where the Application.xml /Streams /Properties list can be found - is it on the server?



    Alan Costello

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    Alan, you can enable this property by navigating to the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, choosing the Applications tab. Select the Application you want to enable the property for, on the Applications configure page choose the Properties tab and you will see in the list of properties, "Streams". Select this option and choose "Edit"

    You will see in the list of properties "SeekTarget". From there you can configure the property as stated above and save the changes. You will then need to restart the Application for the changes to take effect.



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    Hi Salvatore - following your advice, we did get working properly with MP4's.
    However right now the seek only plays the audio - the video freezes when we seek.
    I am wondering if our upgrade to wowza build 18956 had anything to do with this? Is that possible?
    The setting you gave that worked before is the same.
    The seek works well with .flv files.
    Thanks in advance for any helpful info,

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